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Yam And Plantain Pottage

Yam And Plantain Pottage 650ml


Enjoy it plain or with pumpkin, spinach or water leaves. Our recipe includes king prawns, smoked and crayfish. Therefore, we recommend adding stewed beef or fish to make it an even richer meal. Available in 2 sizes. 

  • Order Information

    Allow a minimum 2 days for us to prepare & deliver this item. 

    Food is delivered in foil or plastic containers. 

  • Allergy Advice

    Ingredients include crustacean. 

  • Portion Sizes

    Sizes available include: 

    3.0 Litres serves 6 - 10. 

    5.0 Litres serves 10 - 17. 

    Free 20% extra does not apply to takeaway packs.